Social Media and Content Management



At this level, the candidate will learn the following.

  • How to create Professional Social media mediums for his business
  • Learn how to create cover photo, profile picture, and post designs
  • Learn how to use effective hashtags and links that will help increase brand awareness and SEO
  • Learn how to create page content.
  • Learn how to create basic boosting.
  • Learn the Principles and Tools of SM marketing
  • Traditional Vs Digital Marketing


At this level, the candidate will learn the following.

  • Learn how to create targeted campaigns
  • Learn how to Run effective ads
  • Learn how to create social challenges
  • Learn how to engage customer-business relationship online
  • Learn how to promote products
  • Learn how to use catchy sentences and create phrases for the campaigns


At this level, the candidate will learn the following.

  • How to manage campaigns on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Learn how to decide on which platform to Market.
  • Email Marketing • Master online Selling.
  • Learn how to create offers and competitions
  • Scheduling and delivering
  • Start with an online marketing plan in class.


  • Create print digital content
  • Conducting research on any given topic.
  • Working with customers to define their content needs
  • Optimize social media content
  • edit and publish engaging posts for social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • create style guides or suggesting changes to ensure content is consistent and clear.
  •  Writing clear marketing copy to promote  products/services
  • Update website content
  • Prepare well-structured drafts using Content Management Systems