Content Marketing for Digital Platforms

Content Marketing for Digital Platforms:

  •  digital marketing definition
  • Types of digital marketing channels.
  •  Types of digital marketing platforms.
  • The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing.
  • Introduction for  social networking sites.
  • Planning marketing campaigns on social networking sites.
  • Methods of planning marketing campaigns and selecting objectives and strategies.
  • The art of selecting content.
  • Methods for selecting channels.
  • Measurement indicators.
  • Audience target

Advertising methods on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Methods of selecting and setting goals.
  • Knowing the target audience.
  •  Forms on advertisements and  budget estimation
  • Types of advertisement.
  • Terms of ads on Facebook and Instagram
  •  YouTube ads.
  • Types of advertisement.
  • Target audience

advertising on Twitter and LinkedIn and writing reports:

  • Twitter Ads.
  • Setting goals.
  • Knowing the target audience.
  • Methods of budgeting and measurement.
  • LinkedIn ads.
  • Types of advertisement.
  • Target audience, budget and measurement.
  • How to write a marketing campaign report
  • Driven and evaluate results?