Social Media and Digital Marketing



At this level, the candidate will learn the following.

  • How to create Professional Social media mediums for his business
  • Learn how to create cover photo, profile picture, and post designs
  • Learn how to use effective hashtags and links that will help increase brand awareness and SEO
  • Learn how to create page content.
  • Learn how to create basic boosting.
  • Learn the Principles and Tools of SM marketing
  • Traditional Vs Digital Marketing


At this level, the candidate will learn the following.

  • Learn how to create targeted campaigns
  • Learn how to Run effective ads
  • Learn how to create social challenges
  • Learn how to engage customer-business relationship online
  • Learn how to promote products
  • Learn how to use catchy sentences and create phrases for the campaigns


At this level, the candidate will learn the following.

  • How to manage campaigns on all social media platforms (Facebook, instagram, twitter, Linkedin)
  • Learn how to decide on which platform to Market.
  • Email Marketing • Master online Selling.
  • Learn how to create offers and competitions
  • Scheduling and delivering
  • Start with an online marketing plan in class.


Requirement’s Analysis:

Getting to know your client and what are his/her needs and wants, and what is the business and industry they function in, and any piece of information that can help in better understanding their business, to be able to put yourself in their shoes when creating content for their channels.

Marketing Strategy:

After knowing as much information as you can about your client, it’s time to develop a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy includes all the social media activity that is to take place on the client’s channels (monthly, quarterly, and/or annually), it usually includes the topics we are to create content about and prioritizing them.

Content Creation:

It’s time to translate the ideas we suggested and the ones we were provided with by our client into something real.

1. Idea: Clients might not have the ideas that he/she can or must post and publish content about, so we can help.

2. Text: Attracting viewers to read the entire caption isn’t easy, we work on creating a well-fitted caption alongside hashtags for each post.

3. Visuals: Transforming an idea into something that can be seen and can attract viewers to learn more about the idea and message you are willing to send (pictures and videos).


After creating content, it’s time to create the photos and/or videos and put the ideas in a visually appealing manner that attracts viewers.

Ads Management:

It’s important to decide on the Ads and what posts are to be boosted.

1. Budget Management:

Creating nice content is one thing, and strategically choosing what posts are to be boosted is another, that is why the budget allocation is of great importance.

2. Targeting:

Reaching the right audience when boosting a post is of great importance because the allocated budget must have maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


After all those steps are done, it’s time to publish the content we worked on and publish the right posts at the right time with their needed respective allocated budget.

Community Management:

Getting feedback from your customers is of great importance when managing their social media channels and hearing their point of view on the results reached and how to develop your work from there.

Insights and Reports:

After the content is published and the ad campaigns are done, it’s time to check the insights and develop reports for the clients, so that you can check the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.